I first encountered the world of the esoteric as a young man living in London. For many years I attended groups and lectures in several different schools and was involved in a range of meditative and human development practices.

An actor by profession, operating sometimes under the aegis of The Fool, and sometimes as The Magician, my work has taken me all over the world, from the National Theatre in London to Broadway in New York, from Israel to Australia, from Scotland to China, and many places in between.

Alongside my theatrical life, having a Sagittarian sun and a Gemini moon, it is natural for me to approach systems of arcane knowledge from many different perspectives. The twin disciplines of Tarot and Astrology connect with the arts and sciences of myth, number, image and beyond.

I currently study with: 

The Tarot School in New York. Certificate in advanced training.

I am a graduate of: 

The Centre for Psychological Astrology. Foundation certificate.
The Central School of Speech and Drama. Diploma in Acting

I chronicle my actor life here

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