Tarot Telesummit

The amazing Kim Wilburn (who presents on everything from the Faerie to the Angelic realms) is hosting a Tarot Telesummit. It’s a free event (of course there are upgrades available) but truly, the amount of tarot expertise on offer for free is pretty staggering.  I know of all the speakers by reputation and quite a few of them personally – if you have any interest in this mantic art, all are worth listening to!
I am complimented to be included as a presenter! Go here to reserve a spot.
I will be speaking on Tuesday July 24th 2018 at 4pm and my subject will be Astrology and Tarot correspondences which has become a niche area of interest for me. I’ve prepared a PDF which outlines the systematic connections between these two amazing disciplines. 
It also gives you the simple key to memorization of all 78 cards and how they fit into the zodiac and you can use it to follow along.
If you are a tarot reader, this is a technique that can open up or deepen a whole new area for you. Likewise, even if you don’t read the cards, you can appreciate how each one is a masterpiece of symbolic concision!
Here’s the link again!